How Workplace Nursery Benefit Schemes Work

The Workplace Nursery Benefit scheme operates in a very similar way to the closing childcare voucher scheme.

The scheme operates through salary sacrifice enabling employees to save Tax and National Insurance, and the employer saving employers NI on the full nursery fees.

Once contracts have been agreed between the employer, nursery and Apple Employee Benefits, employees will be able to register through our online registration and start receiving the benefit.

Apple will send a report detailing all employees that are in the scheme, and their individual nursery fees. This will be the amount that the employer should reduce from the employee’s salary.

As soon as the funds have been received by Apple Employee Benefits, the payment will be made to the nursery covering the employee’s full fees.

In order to comply with HMRC regulations the employer must have a financial and management commitment to the nursery.

For full guidance please see the HMRC Employer Helpbook

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