The Workplace Nursery Benefit Scheme is an excellent way for employees to save money on their childcare fees.

The scheme will be operated between the employer, the childcare provider and Apple Employee Benefits through salary sacrifice, meaning the employee's salary will be reduced by the nursery fees. This enables the employee to save Tax and National Insurance on the full value of the nursery fee.

The process is simple and works very similarly to the closed childcare vouchers scheme

How does the scheme work?

  • The employee will need to first complete the online registration and agree to the salary sacrifice agreement
  • Once the employee is registered Apple Employee Benefits will invoice the employer for the requested nursery fee
  • The employee will reduce the nursery fee from the employees gross salary saving both Tax and National Insurance
  • The employer will pay the nursery fee value to Apple Employee Benefits
  • Apple Employee Benefits will make a payment to the nursery as soon as the funds have been received from the employer
How much can I save?

Please see below employees monthly and annual savings based on their actual nursery fees.

Individual Employees Nursery Fees

Standard Rate Tax and NI Saving (32%)

Higher Rate Tax and NI Saving (42%)























































For more information please call and speak to one of our representatives on 0345 602 9459 or complete the contact us page and a member of the team will be in touch.