Employers will always have employees that have childcare requirements and what better way to help them than providing a Workplace Nursery Benefit Scheme.

Workplace Nursery Benefit Schemes are completely free from Tax and National Insurance, ensuring employees save far more than the closing childcare vouchers scheme and potentially more than the new Government Tax Free Childcare Scheme.

Benefits of the scheme

  • Cost neutral for employers
  • Enable your employees to maximise Tax and NI savings
  • Improves work-life balance with easily accessible nursery
  • Help retain your number one asset - your employees!
  • Excellent recruitment tool - attract those high calibre staff members
  • The scheme must be open to all employees or all employees at a particular location
Financial Commitment

In order to comply with HMRC requirements the employer must have a financial commitment to the Nursery. This means for each employee, the employer will make and annual contribution of £600.

The nursery will use this financial contribution to purchase tangible materials such as books, toys, outdoor equipment or learning aids for example. Due to the scheme being free from employers National Insurance, the savings in NI will cover all contributions making the scheme cost neutral.

Management Commitment

The employer must also be involved in the management of the nursery. This HMRC requirement can be satisfied through annual meetings with between the nursery, employer (represented by Apple Employee Benefits) and a parent representative.

Full minutes will be taken and circulated to the employer and all parties.

Employee Savings

Please see below employees monthly and annual savings based on their actual nursery fees.

Individual Employees Nursery Fees

Standard Rate Tax and NI Saving (32%)

Higher Rate Tax and NI Saving (42%)























































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