The Workplace Nursery Benefit Scheme will enable companies to work with Nurseries to provide workplace nursery status provision to their employees.

Workplace Nurseries are free from Tax and National insurance, therefore by entering into a scheme with an employer, nurseries are enabling parents to potentially save thousands of pounds per year off theirs fees.

In order to comply with HMRC requirements the employer has to have a financial and management commitment the nursery. The financial commitment will comprise of a payment of £600per annum, per parent, paid by the employer to the nursery. The financial contribution will be split over the 12-month contract period and paid monthly along with the monthly nursery fees. The financial contribution should be used by the nursery to purchase tangible products such as books, outdoor equipment, toys or learning equipment for example.

Apple Employee Benefits will handle all the administration of the scheme and it will work very similarly to the closed childcare voucher scheme. Apple Employee Benefits will invoice the employer for the monthly nursery fee and financial commitment, once Apple Employee Benefits have received payment from the employer, the funds will be transferred to the nursery by the 1st of the month for the nursery fees in advance.

The management commitment will consist of annual meetings to discuss the nursery and how the financial contribution is being used. The annual meeting will be managed by Apple Employee Benefits on behalf of the employer and will attended by a parent representative from the employer. All meetings will be recording with minutes which will be distributed to all parties after.

How will operating as a workplace nursery help my nursery?

Apart from the obvious financial gains there are many reasons why a nursery should operate as a workplace nursery with employers or a group of employers.

  • Enable parents to make considerable financial savings whilst continuing to receive the full fees
  • Increase occupancy within the nursery
  • Payment of fees and financial contribution on 1st of each month direct from Apple Employee Benefits
  • Quality feedback through annual management meetings
Financial Contribution – How much will we receive?

Please see the below additional annual contributions your nursery could receive.

Number of Children / Annual Contribution

Number of Children

Annual Amount

















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